Design & Production



Let our professional design team take your dreams to reality. Specializing in creating custom home designs, we use the most advanced design software on the market to create a 3D virtual model of your home. It all begins with a one-on-one design consultation with you and our design team to determine your specific needs and wants with regards to such details as style, size, location and budget. This is where we put the pencil to paper and get the general concept started.



From the initial concept, our design team goes to work to create your home. The process may take a few meetings to give you what you envision to be your dream home. Not only do you get a set of sketches to review, Discovery produces a 3D virtual walk-through. This allows you to see your dream home in full detail right down to the interior furnishings and finish.



Your custom design can be viewed in our presentation room or in the comfort of your home by using our web-meeting capabilities. You will be able to stand in your new great room and look up at your vaulted ceilings lined in timbers, or walk through your fully equipped gourmet kitchen. You can also request design changes and see them happen right before your eyes, making you and your family a key part of the interactive design of your dream home.


Having a state of the art CNC timber processing machine and utilizing innovative production techniques are good things, but are not the only pieces of the puzzle when it comes to producing a great product. With an experienced, well-honed production team, and a well thought out design; you have a winning combination! Today, our facility is producing quality timbers with more precision and accuracy than ever thought possible. With Discovery Dream Homes, there is less wasted material and cutting times are greatly reduced. This translates into huge savings for you.

Because we build homes with high quality materials in a controlled environment, site labour can be greatly reduced. Your materials arrive on your building site with much of the work already completed. This would not be possible without the professional skills and planning of our production team.

If you have a chance to tour our facility, you will see the measures we take to ensure that we are producing a quality product. You will also notice that we are dedicated to what we do. It shows on the faces of everyone here.