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Discover the Difference... It’s Not Just a Slogan.

Founded on the idea that the building, along with the construction process, should have a positive impact on our client and the environment. We bring this vision to life in every project we do. Discovery Dream Homes is a North American architectural design/build manufacturer specializing in a mix of residential and commercial construction techniques. With a focus on Timber Frame construction, Solid Log wall construction, as well as Modern Traditional wood-style construction. We are recognized as an innovative leader, being one of the pioneers of today's heavy timber industry in North America.

Our people make the difference.

Excellence Deserves Recognition

The buildings we create are not just empty shells, but also the framework for building relationships and growing families. We create homes that project who we are and shape the landscape we live in. Everyone at Discovery has this in mind as we work on each individual project. As we develop innovative methods to find solutions for complex challenges, we grow and learn. Individually we aim to improve, and as a team, we deliver excellence. We are a team of well balanced, seasoned veterans and ambitious newcomers. Everyone brings equal value as well as a deep respect for the dedicated skills each one brings to the project.

Our Design

Rethinking the Design Process

StoneWood architectural studio is our dedicated in-house design team. They have developed a reputation in the industry for their premier design capabilities as well as award-winning work. Transforming a client’s imagination into reality is a challenge we rise up to by continuously evolving, investing in ourselves, and staying up to date with advancements in software and hardware. Our design team is informed of trends as well as future building code requirements with the advancement of building sciences and new products. Our team takes a hands-on approach when it comes to your design. We visit your property and conduct face-to-face design meetings whenever possible. If not, we utilize video conferencing as communication is key. Our team can also assist with efficiently obtaining permits and approvals as well as work with third-party developers.

Our Production & Materials

Enhancing the Building Experience

Discovery has evolved into a precision-crafted company that utilizes the advancements in technology in all its aspects of production. Being transparent with building techniques, our primary focus is to produce your pre-cut materials with surgical accuracy and environmentally conscious practices. Only high-quality materials are allocated for each project, with an emphasis on “doing it right from the beginning.” With multiple manufacturing locations, controlled building environments, and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, your project is on time and the process is effortless. We source our materials from reputable partners that have like-minded quality and environmental goals. With building science constantly improving, building materials are changing and knowledge is key. At Discovery we continuously stay up to date to provide you the best products possible for your project.

Log Homes

Whether it’s the precision of milled square logs, or the craftsmanship and ruggedness of round logs, Discovery Dream Homes will come through with the best product to suit you.

Timber Frame Homes

Our timber frame homes combine the art of hand-crafted timber framing with the precision and accuracy of today’s computer automated equipment.

Custom Homes

Our custom Discovery Dream Homes combine traditional features of Timber or Log Frame homes with the unique influence of your individual taste.


Clients and Builders alike have great things to say about their experience with Discovery Dream Homes!

It is a true pleasure to recommend Discovery Dream Homes to anyone considering log construction. We are currently enjoying our first Discovery experience and we love every minute of it. Since we are neither builders, nor are we experienced in log construction we relied heavily on support and information from the team at Discovery. Every question and request was promptly handled with the efficiency and professionalism one would hope for, but without ever losing that personal touch.

Bill & Kelly Harris

Cordova Mines, Ontario

Having a log cottage on a quiet picturesque lake in the Algonquin region has always been a dream of mine. I want to thank Gary, Ted & everyone at Discovery for making my dream a reality. The entire process from beginning to end was just so smooth and headache free. You even found me a fantastic builder. It’s great when things go better than expected, and I even made a few friends along the way.

John Gideon

Eagle Lake, South River, Ontario

We chose Discovery because we felt they could design a true custom home over other firms.The 3D design process really helped.

Lorne Atkinson

Stoney Lake, Ontario

It was a pleasure working with the Discovery Team. As a builder, the efficiency of any build really depends on the quality of the product. The product quality coupled with the availability of Discovery’s staff to answer questions truly made our experience a pleasurable one. I appreciate saying – We look forward to the next one!

Paul Kealey

Ottawa, Ontario

Working with the staff at Discovery made us realize that not only did they offer the very best wood but the in-house design capabilities in their organization were a winning combination! Discovery worked with our local contractor landscape/site architect to bring all the design & build criteria to reality. We truly have a ‘Dream Home’

Ron & Terry Crudge

Memory Lake, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The whole design process was excellent, especially the virtual views. Discovery with ease offered suggestions for changes & improvement. As for the finished product; it is spectacular, and we are enjoying it very much. Everyone who comes to visit is absolutely blown away with jealousy for our grand kitchen!

Sean & Lorna Traviss

Peterborough, Ontario

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