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Our Process

Getting started is easy with 8 simple steps to realizing your dream home!

Planning your dream home


In your meeting with Discovery, you’ll learn about our Quality Material Packages and the dedicated services we provide. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of our devoted team members, tour our model home and the design and manufacturing facility. We could also decide if its beneficial to meet you at your project location. No matter where the meeting takes place, you’ll be able to discuss your wishes for your custom dream home with a knowledgeable professional dedicated to you. We will discuss your budget requirements, look into site considerations, as well as review the process and payment schedule. The meeting will be finalized by developing potential timelines and confirming the next steps.

The Design

With an initial design deposit you sit down with a personal designer, where you can establish your needs and tastes. Often the designer may visit the site in order to bring your vision to life within its landscape. Township property requirements are researched, and you’ll receive your first version of design concepts, which include floorplans, 3D elevations, and interior renderings. Depending on the complexity of the design and the time of the year, this is approximately a 2-4 week process.

The Contract

Once your custom design is approved and your materials have been specified, we begin to develop a final price. Generally, this process takes 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Once priced, you are presented with a detailed contract including the description of materials and services provided by us. Timelines are also discussed to meet your expectations.

The Drawings

After the contract is signed, a 25% deposit is put down to move forward with construction and design drawings. These drawings include elevations, structural plans, cross sections, framing plans, and details all Building Code Certified. Blue prints are fully engineered to ensure solid, stable, and long-lasting structures. This process takes 4-6 weeks depending on complexity.

The Production

Once the plans are approved, a 25% deposit initiates your project from manufacturing of the large timber components and organizing materials for your dream home. During the process of manufacturing you are invited to view progress. Manufacturing timelines are dependent on the time of year, as well as expected delivery dates for your project.

The Delivery

To ensure a seamless schedule for the delivery process; a final deposit is required prior to shipping. This allows us to lock in dates as well as times for the delivery. Our unique staging of deliveries is common practice for Discovery as this reduces the risk of theft and weather damage due to material sitting idle. Also, this allows for more mobility when accommodating smaller sites. All materials are wrapped and labeled for delivery, plus copies of material list and shop drawings are provided to assist in a timely and organized build.

The Construction

To ensure a timely and well-organized build, site preparation at your location has begun during the manufacturing process. Excavation and foundation construction are well underway in readiness for the first of the staged deliveries. Once on site, a carefully planned assembly is executed with your Discovery Dream Package. From foundation to roof coverings, every aspect of the build is meticulously executed with a high level of enthusiasm and precision. This attention to detail ensures your dream home comes to life with the high expectations anticipated with every Discovery Dream Home.

The Dream

All your hard work and effort in making your dream home a reality has paid off! You’re now able to fill your home with memories to last a lifetime.

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